Sexy Mom Takes 2 young BBCs

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Beautiful MILF Brandi Love‘s husband is out of town on business for the whole summer, and it’s been months since she has had any satisfaction. When her stepdaughter invites some of her friends over from college, she can’t help noticing two of the hot guys. She can tell that they like the look of her too. They go to get changed in one of the bedrooms, and Brandi sees the perfect opportunity. She sneaks in uninvited and puts her seduction technique to the test. Needless to say, it has the desired effect and she is soon enjoying not one, but two younger guys all to herself!

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Peeking At Brandi

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Every teen’s dream was to fuck that one hot MILF that lived next door. Today was that day Codey was made into a man as we live vicariously through him. While Codey and Robby were messing and doing kid shit, Brandi Love was watering her lawn looking like one fine MILF! As the boys approached the backyard, they got a glimpse of all that heavenly glory that was Brandi’s ass! Brandi was a freak and she knew they were gawking at her, so she bent over and made sure the boys had a nice little peep. After she was done watering the lawn, she let the boys play in her yard while she took a bath. Robby, the wild one of the group, tried to convince Codey to go inside and fuck Brandi, but he wasn’t having it, so Robby threw the ball to the door. As Codey went to pick it up, he spotted Brandi undressing through the glass door, and he was completely stunned! Brandi spotted the peeping Tom and dragged him inside by the ear. You can tell she was fucking pissed, and the only thing that would calm her down was some young cock!

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