Open Ocean

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Open Ocean

Brandi is left on her own – again. With her husband out of town so much, she finds herself in this predicament a lot – and there’s some things you cannot do without your husband. Well, that is what Brandi should be thinking – but with an attractive employee easing her boredom – it seems like too good of an opportunity to miss. Of course, it’s not professional – but where’s the fun in that? Starring: Brandi Love, Jax Slayher. (Video duration: 43:36)

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Brandi Love Meets Mandingo

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Two legendary performers face off in this powerful interracial encounter in this latest Hard X exclusive. Watch as Brandi Love takes on the massive Mandingo for her very first time in this intense gonzo style sex scene. Featuring multiple positions showcasing Mandingo’s massive BBC, this is one heated interracial exchange for the ages!

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My Noisy Neighbor

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Brandi Love has had enough of her new neighbor Isiah! He’s constantly bringing girls home, playing loud music and don’t get her started on the endless sex noises. Since her husband is scared to confront the stud, it’s time she tamed the party-boy! Brandi finds Isiah poolside with a naked girl, quickly sending her running to put some clothes on and leave. Brandi lays down the law to her neighbor and he in turn helps to cool her temper with a glass of wine. Adversaries become bedfellows when Brandi decides the partyanimal needs to experience a real woman, not an inexperienced bimbo. Isiah is always up for experiencing some prime MILF pussy and Brandi is begging for a deep-dicking.

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I Couldn't Help Myself…

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With her new husband away on a business trip, Brandi Love has decided to get into her stepdaughter’s good books. After letting her have her boyfriend over to stay the night while her dad is away, she’s hoping that their relationship will take a turn for the better. The problem is, Brandi has attempted to get to know her stepdaughter’s boyfriend better, and although this is totally innocent, she finds herself in a situation she’s going to find hard to resist…

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Sexy Mom Takes 2 young BBCs

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Beautiful MILF Brandi Love‘s husband is out of town on business for the whole summer, and it’s been months since she has had any satisfaction. When her stepdaughter invites some of her friends over from college, she can’t help noticing two of the hot guys. She can tell that they like the look of her too. They go to get changed in one of the bedrooms, and Brandi sees the perfect opportunity. She sneaks in uninvited and puts her seduction technique to the test. Needless to say, it has the desired effect and she is soon enjoying not one, but two younger guys all to herself!

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Hot Blonde Wife Takes a Huge Black Cock

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Brandi Love has her sister Jessica and her boyfriend staying for the weekend. Recently divorced, Brandi is ready and available. She can tell her sister’s boyfriend is admiring her, and it excites her all the more. When Jessica goes on a shopping trip, Brandi sees her opportunity to have some fun. When she asks if he minds if she sunbathes naked, she knows it won’t be long before he will be enjoying the view. When he applies lotion to her hot body, the tension rises through the roof, and before long they are caressing each other by the pool, then moving to the bedroom where they embark on a forbidden experience which they have both been craving.

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